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Bad-back woman

I’ll just paste the entire email I sent to customer service @ SW Transit this morning as my bus tale. Maybe I’m the one out of line, you decide.

No crutch to lean on

A few summers ago, during the afternoon rush hour, I was taking the 16 deep into St. Paul. It was very busy and we were a little past Snelling at a stoplight. When the bus driver pulled up to the light, it was green but by the time everyone was done getting on, it had […]

I’m listening honey

I was sitting in the front of the bus directly across from this older couple, easily in their 70’s. The man was wearing a worn out red baseball cap pretty low and it cast a shadow on his face. The woman was all dolled up with make up and in a talkative mood. I think […]

I know that ain’t my stop

I was riding the 724 to downtown Minneapolis at about 10:30 AM. There was a couple directly behind me having a conversation. I didn’t pay much attention to what they were talking about, but the man was slurring his speech and sounded intoxicated. We got downtown, and we were between the first and second stops […]

The Meanest Bastard

I hopped on the bus on the east side of St. Paul, heading home from a Metro State night-class at around 9:30 pm. immediately as I paid my fare I noticed a weird and definitely bad vibe. The driver, an older white guy looked seriously pissed, and I soon learned why. A drunk (and/or cracked-out) […]

Do you know her?

A few years ago, I caught the 16 eastbound at 4th/Nicollet and sat about halfway back. At the 4th/Marquette stop a bunch more people got on, including a guy who sat about 2 rows behind me. As the bus pulled away, dude 2 rows back started yelling clearly, but calmly: “DO YOU KNOW THE BLASPHEMING […]

I told you that you’d get caught!

I got on the 6 one afternoon and since I didn’t know where I was going I sat near the driver, “Bob”. He was a pretty talkative guy and started telling me of a guy who gets on his bus each mornings.