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Happy hour detour

We had a little celebratory happy hour at work today so I bussed it instead of riding my bike. The happy hour was a good time, and as I left the office to catch my bus, I was in a good mood. Things got better still as I rounded the corner on 6th and Nicolet […]

Bus Etiquette – The Comfort Zone

Scenario: So I head to my bus stop this morning, and it being January in Minnesota, it is FREEZING out! As I approach my stop there is one person waiting in front of me for the bus. I stop about 3 feet back from the guy to create a comfortable space between us. Shortly after […]

I’ve got problems and more gloves

Sometimes I like to ride the transit bus. It gives me some down time, time to evaluate myself and my problems. I’ve got problems and riding the bus gives me time to try to find, and ask for, solutions. I rarely talk to the other bus people but sometimes someone wants to tell a story, […]

Trashy revenge

This is more of a waiting for the bus stop story. It happened at the 16/50/21 stop in Midway going to Minneapolis–Albert St, I think. I was reading, waiting for the 50 going to Mpls. This guy pulls his hand out of his pocket and his transfer falls on the ground. I tell him and […]

No crutch to lean on

A few summers ago, during the afternoon rush hour, I was taking the 16 deep into St. Paul. It was very busy and we were a little past Snelling at a stoplight. When the bus driver pulled up to the light, it was green but by the time everyone was done getting on, it had […]

Everyone needs a break

I had just gotten on the bus at 7:24am at Como & 15th- heading toward St. Paul. As we pulled up to the corner of 19th & Como, the driver lets on the 2 people waiting, then gets up goes into Joe’s Market. He comes out a couple minutes later with a cup of coffee […]

Interview jitters?

One day while waiting to board the 16 eastbound on Nicollet and 4th, I noticed the guy waiting next to me looked awfully nervous. He kept shifting his weight from one foot to the other, and appeared to be concentrating hard. Occasionally he would clip open a briefcase, shuffle the papers inside as if to […]

At least it didn’t have syrup

Today while waiting for the bus at 6:15 am, sitting on the bench with one other guy, a truck drove by with a bunch of loud younger guys and they threw a pancake at me. It hit me in the leg.

Baby, anyone?

I was waiting for bus 68 one night at 6th and Robert, and this drunk man shuffled by the bus stop and said “Do any of you ladies want to have a baby with me?” There was silence, and then a woman waiting for the bus said “Did he just say he wanted to have […]


After waiting about half an hour on St. Patrick’s Day for the 3 to take me and three of my friends from the Como neighborhood into campus for a bar, we watched the bus pick up three people waiting at the stop a half block away and switch on the drop-off only sign. Bastard.