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Making up time

I work for HOURCAR which means that I spend quite a bit of time biking and riding the bus around the cities to move our fleet of shared cars around and keep them in tip-top shape. Once last summer I biked over to a car at a shop on Lake Street and drove it back […]

Out the window

We were heading downtown, and I was sitting next to a squirming man on the bus. He was crossing his legs (very unmanly) and moving around. Shortly after, the bus driver announced that there was a lot of traffic and it would be at least another few hours because of the heavy snow.

Hopefully minus the insane

Where to begin? I ride the 4 just about everyday to and from work. Generally during the week, the bus is filled with people on their way to their jobs downtown. However, on occasion, you get that random, chatty person who is legally insane.

Can’t tune out the horn

Since the 35w collapse, riding any bus that goes over the Hennepin ave bridge before or after work you may have noticed a longer ride than normal. I feel for any bus driver that has to sit in all that traffic.

Don’t wet your sweatpants

Heading north on the 14, I had forgotten that the Vikings game would release its masses at about the time my bus would reach the outer limits of downtown. It was pouring out for most of the day but many people didn’t have umbrellas, including