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Gnarly Yellow Toenails

I glanced across the aisle and winced. I could not un-see what I had just seen. A man had taken his foot out of his shoe and was resting it on top of the shoe. But… he had no sock on, and he had the gnarliest long yellow toenails I have ever seen. Hope I […]

Seat Hog

On the 86th Street Crosstown Bus. The guy was eating a smelly egg sandwich, yapping on his phone, putting his garbage on the seats, and hogging the seat next to him.

Freeze pops and cell phones

Well last night I was on my way home from work. I was riding the 4 from downtown to the lyn lake area. The bus was going along smoothly until we were near MCTC. A woman was running trying to catch the bus. Lucky for her someone stopped the bus driver, informing him that the […]

Smelly Red Jacket Guy

I ride the 11C from downtown every weekday. If I ride the 5:04 bus, 9 times out of 10, a 50’s-ish gentleman (stretch of the term, really) inevitably sits with me, should I have happened to find an open seat. This wouldn’t bother me normally, but this particular guy in a red jacket, is a […]

Bad hair decade

In the late 80’s I was on a bus, in Milwaukee. Probably going home from my “McJob” at the downtown mall, late at night. A woman gets on the bus, no one I recalled seeing on that route, as it was usually full of other “McJobbers” from the same mall, most of them high school […]

Stern and motherly

Many years ago I was on a crowded bus and this kid sat down by me. He was wearing really baggy pants and stunk like only a teenaged boy can stink…sweat and filth and gym socks and stuff. After awhile I felt him sort of jiggling and I looked over to glare at him and […]


This is from an email I sent right before I moved away from St. Paul. I took the bus for four years…and it was, well, quite a trip!

A Cardboard Box

I was taking the 64 home from downtown St Paul a few years ago. It was a cool, but beautiful, spring day. The sun was shining, but it was still cool enough to require a jacket. I had transferred from the 94 at Cedar, and a few blocks later a gentleman boarded the bus, clearly […]

Someone let the ninja out

There was a clear black, it was a clear white moon… no this is not Warren G’s song…its was just another day of my work. And of cource I was at my bus stop, waiting for my lift off. And there it came, bus number 50, crowdy and filthy as always. It pick me up […]

Suburban bus raid

Police raided my suburbian bus one morning. I used to ride the 766 in from Noble Park and Ride in Brooklyn Park. Everyday I would notice the same upper-middle class bus riders. One morning there was a man in the back corner of the stretch bus that I had never seen before.