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Tiny Dancer sing-along

From the driver: I got bored driving the Milledge Ave. route on a Friday so I got my entire bus to sing Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” just like in the movie “Almost Famous”. Thanks to the guy who filmed this and then emailed me the video.

Metro Transit Idol

A pleasant bus tale for a change! The big beautiful black lady who drives the 23 can really sing! In addition, she’s really bubbly, friendly, and smiles a lot; things rarely associated with Metro Transit drivers. She’s probably too old for American Idol, which is too bad ‘cuz she could easily be Minnesota’s Jennifer Hudson!

Keep Austin Weird

Hi Minnesotans. I’m a former Twin Cities resident now living in Austin, TX. While riding the Capital Metro 17 through downtown Austin an “interesting” character boarded with a guitar and sat in the back row. That part of the bus is elevated, creating sort of a stage. He proceeded to serenade us with an improv/ad […]

20 cigarettes before the bus

With ipod in tow, I sat next to the window, shut my eyes and put trust in the driver to get me to work. A little Tripping Billies from DMB Crash album got me to humming a bit. While I did not realize I was a humming, a sharp bump from the bus, opened my […]

The public rapper

Once a week I take my ~2 year old daughter on the 50, to visit her grandparents for the day. This week we were sitting in the front seat playing counting games on our hands and watching the urban charm of University avenue roll by.

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Last night I was riding the #2 bus from Franklin and Chicago to the end of the line on Hennepin. I took a seat in the middle of the bus, but as most of the passengers got off at Nicollet, that left only a few of us between Nicollet and Lyndale and I could sort […]

Screechy Cocka-Doodle-Doos

This was a few years back, probably early 2001. I got on the 54 in St. Paul, headed home from high school. After paying my fare I looked for a seat and noticed every person on the bus was sitting in the front half of the bus. Trusting that the community of bus riders knew […]