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Doll-sized companions

When I was in High School I used to take the same bus home everyday. There was a woman who lived in my neighborhood that also took the same bus. I would watch her everyday because she always had “traveling companions” with her. She seemed to believe that she had several people with her, that […]

Look deep into my eyes

Just when you make eye contact with a stranger, do you ever wonder what’s going through that other person’s mind at that moment? Well that’s usually how I think things through, but on this bus ride I met someone who verbalized everything that went through his head.

Lady lovers

I take the bus every day at 7:00 in the moring, and every day there are these two lady lovers just kissing each other tounge and all. This guy was right next to them and I was behind the guy and he looked back at me like he saw a ghost he was so shocked. […]