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Thumbs Up Club

I’m a frequent rider of the 824, but I’ve never seen this before, or since. I’m sitting in the back corner of the bus and one of the regulars is all ready on, sitting right about in the middle. Regular #2 gets on and he gives a thumbs up the Regular #1 and continues down […]

Man of 1,000 Schedules

About once or twice a week, an elderly gentleman would get on my bus, and ride just two blocks south, to catch the 17 going into the city. That in it’s self isn’t unusual. He would board, pay his fare, and ask for two bus schedules, one for him, and one for his buddy. He […]

It’s that loud fisherman

Over the years, driving west metro regional rts 612 (now defunct) and 604, some riders stand out…Like the LOUD fisherman. Older fella, always has a wheelie-cart w/ him. empty most of the time. He got wind that I fish a lot in the warmer weather. From then on, he’d get on the bus w/ lake […]

Door-to-Door Service

Paul is a busdriver for Rochester City Lines, who has become a friend over the years. I first met Paul when he drove the last bus that left from the college, and arrived downtown at the transfer station around 10 p.m. My house was still quite aways from downtown, but I could easily walk to […]