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People on the bus

I was on the 54 heading to Downtown St. Paul when we made a stop at W. 7th Street & Grand Avenue. A guy is standing outside the bus asking the bus driver questions. The guy says “Do you go near the Xcel Energy Center”? The driver replies by saying yes. Then the guy asks […]

The rare celebrity seat

This story involves a local celebrity. I will omit his name and the name of the television show he hosts (it’s on PBS), but there’s a sort of trademark that this man has that’ll be a dead give away for any one who watches his show: he always wears a scarf, be it winter or […]

Take it to the hole

For some reason Metro Transit hasn’t realized that they need to add more #4 buses during rush hour. Due to that fact, the evening rush hour #4 bus is always packed, and I always end up standing toward the front of the bus. The other day I got on and, per the usual, was standing […]

At least it didn’t have syrup

Today while waiting for the bus at 6:15 am, sitting on the bench with one other guy, a truck drove by with a bunch of loud younger guys and they threw a pancake at me. It hit me in the leg.

Sleeps with the buses

About 7 years ago, I rode the entire route from downtown St. Paul to its layover back them near the Uptown Rainbow. I was really pregnant at the time, and few people will give up their seats for a pregnant woman. Strangely, this packed bus, with people standing in the aisle had one open seat- […]

Hunting for it’s next victim

I was hardly awake as I stepped onto the 94 as I always had to make my way into downtown Minneapolis. The driver was running late. The bus only had room for me to stand – banishing me from my morning routine of zoning out to passing urban scenery.

Stern and motherly

Many years ago I was on a crowded bus and this kid sat down by me. He was wearing really baggy pants and stunk like only a teenaged boy can stink…sweat and filth and gym socks and stuff. After awhile I felt him sort of jiggling and I looked over to glare at him and […]

Breaking up is hard to do

This story goes back a couple of years, to the early 2000’s, and I remembered it while reading some of these fabulous stories on bustales.

Hot-Ass Bus

A couple of years ago I had a job as an English as a Second Language teacher, for adults. Part of our curriculum was to teach the students how to ride the bus. Another teacher and I had about 15 students with us, all recently-arrived Hmong refugees from Thailand. It was hot that day- well […]

Bible deflection shield

On the University Ave bus, along Midway St Paul, the usual over-full passenger load for that route, a couple people standing in the aisle by the back door, I approached the one open aisle-seat back a few from the front. As my eyes did their rapid scan of seat cleanliness and sittability regarding the person […]