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Dinner, my treat

This evening, as I was taking the 17 bus home from downtown into Uptown, the ride was uneventful until we got to the stop at the bridge over the freeway on Nicollet Ave. A boisterous woman got on the bus, and told the driver, “I’m the one with the handcap. I’ve been on your bus […]

Seat Hog

On the 86th Street Crosstown Bus. The guy was eating a smelly egg sandwich, yapping on his phone, putting his garbage on the seats, and hogging the seat next to him.

Sailors were blushing

On the 270 this AM and when I got on, there was a woman speaking very loudly on her cellphone – okay, rude, but whatever. Then she started cussing a mean streak – Sailors were blushing!

Campaign or conference call?

This morning, a nice lady got on the (standing room only) bus and was on her cellphone. She said what I assume was her first name “Ginger” and then proceeded to say “Hope” about 50 times, getting louder with each repetition. I imagined two possible scenarios:

Cell phone sin

My question is less a tale to tell and more a question to pose for busriders. What, if any, are the “bus cell phone rules?” I’m guessing most of us have encountered a loud bus cellphone talker at some point. The person who blabs on and on in what seems to be an unnecessarily loud […]

Can’t tune out the horn

Since the 35w collapse, riding any bus that goes over the Hennepin ave bridge before or after work you may have noticed a longer ride than normal. I feel for any bus driver that has to sit in all that traffic.

Screechy Cocka-Doodle-Doos

This was a few years back, probably early 2001. I got on the 54 in St. Paul, headed home from high school. After paying my fare I looked for a seat and noticed every person on the bus was sitting in the front half of the bus. Trusting that the community of bus riders knew […]

Too old for me

So I’m on the loooong bus ride from my job in downtown St. Paul to meet some friends at a bar in Uptown. I’m in the very back row. We’ve just crossed the river when a pretty good-looking man gets on and sits down on those sideways-facing seats in the back. I’ll admit, I’m enjoying […]

You don’t see the humor in that?

On my ride home yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to a loud fellow talk the driver’s ear off. As the driver was raising the lift for someone in a wheelchair to get off, the loud fellow had this to say:

It’s that loud fisherman

Over the years, driving west metro regional rts 612 (now defunct) and 604, some riders stand out…Like the LOUD fisherman. Older fella, always has a wheelie-cart w/ him. empty most of the time. He got wind that I fish a lot in the warmer weather. From then on, he’d get on the bus w/ lake […]