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Happy hour detour

We had a little celebratory happy hour at work today so I bussed it instead of riding my bike. The happy hour was a good time, and as I left the office to catch my bus, I was in a good mood. Things got better still as I rounded the corner on 6th and Nicolet […]

Help, I need somebody

I looked up from my magazine at the noises of consternation erupting throughout the bus . We’d taken a wrong turn. As we looped through a grocery store parking lot, the driver apologized and joked with the people in the front of the bus. Momentarily united, they spontaneously, unbelievably, began to sing: “Help, you know […]

Crossed Routes

Long ago, way back when the bus company was still the MTC, there were two routes that came in from Woodbury that crossed each other before getting downtown. One was the 94M, the other was the 94W. Both routes were shown on a single map.

First day of college

My first day of college at the U of M will be a day that will live on in my mind as of the worst days of my life. I was very nervous about taking the bus as I had only taken the bus to the Mall of America two or three times and those […]

Completely and entirely lost

I took the 672 from work – Plymouth -> Minneapolis downtown as I always do. It was a very bad rush hour day so our bus driver decided that we will take back roads instead. Well, back roads led into more back roads and he got completely and entirely lost. 30 minutes later we were […]