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Bad-back woman

I’ll just paste the entire email I sent to customer service @ SW Transit this morning as my bus tale. Maybe I’m the one out of line, you decide.

Other people’s crazy

I was on the 74 the other day, on my way to downtown STP. A woman got on the bus at W 7th and sat in the first seat, opposite the driver. She began to loudly yell at the bus driver to stop jerking the bus around.

Justice on the Bus

“I’ve got your back.” Not words I am used to hearing, not in real life, certainly not directed at me. Until yesterday on my way home from work, I’ve never had occasion to feel emboldened by these words. It felt great. For the first time ever I could detect a hint of the security one […]

Prison Visit

Years ago, before the routes is St. Paul were all renumbered, there was the 12 line, Rice-East 6th Street. It had limited service all the way to Stillwater. On Sunday this was great work. The work I did pulled out at 10:16AM to Hamline and Hoyt. From there it went to Stillwater, where there was […]

Nothing in the job description

I was driving a 94 line, starting at 4th & Mn. A man rode his bike to a bus laying over, I was across the street. He see’s me, asks what bus it is, I tell him 94 & it will pick up at shelter in 10 minutes. He then gets mad and starts arguing […]

No follow through

On a Saturday when coming back from Central Library on bus. Bus full of noisy rude kids 17 to 22 yrs. old. Swearing, screaming, bouncing back and forth in isle acting like they owned the thing and quiet passengers definately out numbered. One group exceptionally bad, had a couple girls that were acting up and […]