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The more ‘90210’ it gets

It’s just after 10:00 a.m. and I just got done with the hardest part of my day – the three hour, kick-ass workouts I’m doing all winter to train for the Vancouver Marathon in May. As I stand in the transit center in downtown Duluth, Minnesota; waiting for the #6 Mainline bus going east, I […]

Flying nuns don’t pay

January, 2003 I was riding the 4E (now the 4K) to work at about 7:00AM. I sat down in the frontmost frontward facing seat. A guy was sitting in the side facing seat directly in front of me, declaring to the world that the media makes people less creative, and he looked to me for […]

Proofread my love letter

Bakersfield, California. 105 degrees, and I am waiting for the 2 to show. At the bus stop is a guy who, for whatever reason, is wearing a heavy flannel shirt. Out of nowhere, he asks, “Can I ask you what your opinion of this is?” I didn’t really say yes or no, and had no […]

Who needs soap operas?

I get to ride in with the “guests” staying at the Ramsey County Correctional Facility to Downtown St Paul every morning, cuz I live about one mile up the route from the jail. I ride home with ’em in the afternoons too, four days a week. I eavesdrop on all kinds of stories about carousing, […]