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Looking for a place to sit?

Best comeback heard yet in response to unwanted sexual advances. Scruffy older man ogling young woman as she gets on the bus: “If you’re looking for a place to sit darling , I’ve got one right here” (pats lap) Young woman, looking at him disdainfully: “Man, you’re riding the bus too- you can’t do s*%t […]

Stern and motherly

Many years ago I was on a crowded bus and this kid sat down by me. He was wearing really baggy pants and stunk like only a teenaged boy can stink…sweat and filth and gym socks and stuff. After awhile I felt him sort of jiggling and I looked over to glare at him and […]

More than an unfamiliar face

I use to take the #9 bus to work. Each morning the bus had only about 25 passengers, all the same faces, getting off each morning at their stops, paper in hand, and clutching empty coffee cups. On one Friday morning, there was an unfamiliar face. I walked half way through the bus, and took […]