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Bad-back woman

I’ll just paste the entire email I sent to customer service @ SW Transit this morning as my bus tale. Maybe I’m the one out of line, you decide.

I’m going to talk about money

I missed the express bus and needed to hop on the ‘slow boat’ 4 heading north into downtown. Around 36th street a woman got on – probably in her 50th, looking a little ragged – and sat in the front row next to a professional looking man.

You don’t enjoy Christmas?

I was riding the #16 during the Christmas season a few years ago. If anyone knows anything about the 16, they know that there is an extremely diverse grouping of people. I was sitting towards the front of the bus and a Muslim lady was sitting in the seat in front of me. Directly in […]

You’re a demon from hell

Some of the strangest people hop on the bus: we all know that. I was taking the 16 from the University to downtown Minneapolis around lunch hour, and as I got on I looked around. No one too strange, except this busy-looking woman, 50-ish, with a small duffel bag, who was sitting in a handicapped […]

Carl Sagan was an atheist

A few years ago on the Madison (WI) Metro #29: Two men boarded the bus who were traveling together. The first man sat next to me. The second man was quite tall and had about 10 feet of television cable wrapped tightly around his shoulders and neck. Cableguy held the pointy cable end in one […]