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Gnarly Yellow Toenails

I glanced across the aisle and winced. I could not un-see what I had just seen. A man had taken his foot out of his shoe and was resting it on top of the shoe. But… he had no sock on, and he had the gnarliest long yellow toenails I have ever seen. Hope I […]

Hacking loogies is not directly banned

The left front handicapped seat this morning was filled with a covered stroller. The right front handicapped seat was filled with a very large baby mama and her equally large younger sister. I was in the seat right behind.

You dropped your chapstick

My wife used to live in highland and so occasionally I’d end up taking the 134 into downtown with her in the morning. The 134 is probably the nicest bus I’ve ever ridden. It’s very clean and very quiet and people only really seem to talk to you if you want to talk. Or if […]

Really nice arc

On the way home from work tonight, we drove past a bus stop across the street from the metrodome, on 6th st. This guy was slumped over on the bench like he was about to pass out, except that he had his (thing) out and was pissing all over the bench, he had a pretty […]


This is from an email I sent right before I moved away from St. Paul. I took the bus for four years…and it was, well, quite a trip!

A Cardboard Box

I was taking the 64 home from downtown St Paul a few years ago. It was a cool, but beautiful, spring day. The sun was shining, but it was still cool enough to require a jacket. I had transferred from the 94 at Cedar, and a few blocks later a gentleman boarded the bus, clearly […]

Someone let the ninja out

There was a clear black, it was a clear white moon… no this is not Warren G’s song…its was just another day of my work. And of cource I was at my bus stop, waiting for my lift off. And there it came, bus number 50, crowdy and filthy as always. It pick me up […]

More than an unfamiliar face

I use to take the #9 bus to work. Each morning the bus had only about 25 passengers, all the same faces, getting off each morning at their stops, paper in hand, and clutching empty coffee cups. On one Friday morning, there was an unfamiliar face. I walked half way through the bus, and took […]

Massive Loogie

This happened several years ago, but I remember it very clearly. I was listening to my headphones when I heard a loud hacking sound (loud enough to cut into Foo Fighter’s Monkey wrench at full blast). The guy in front of me then opened his window and spit. I wish that’s where it ended, but […]

Did they actually squat down?

Halloween night I got on the bus around 10pm. Lots of fellow riders were dressed up, and a few were a little rowdy. It was cold but the bus had many of the windows open, which seemed strange, but I soon found out why.