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Peanut butter… jar… fingers

I ride the 53 each morning from Minneapolis to Saint Paul. I’ve seen people eat breakfast on the bus – a granola bar here, a Starbucks scone there. The woman sitting next to me this morning made a rather interesting – and pungent – breakfast choice: peanut butter. She proceeded to remove an entire jar […]

Seat Hog

On the 86th Street Crosstown Bus. The guy was eating a smelly egg sandwich, yapping on his phone, putting his garbage on the seats, and hogging the seat next to him.

Doggy Biscuits

I was sitting on the 63 coming back from work and I smell dog food. The person next to me was eating DOGGY BISCUITS!!!!!

Cheetos in the a.m.

I had been a regular using the 460 to and from downtown Minneapolis for a couple of years. I had no previous bus experience and there were many days of annoying behaviors from my fellow passengers. I never got used to stupid, Jack-holes, that insist on believing everyone is interested in their loud cell phone […]

Man say “BAM!”

I don’t know if the LRT falls under the jurisdiction of Bus Tales (and if not, maybe it’s time for a Rail Tales companion site?), but my wife hears the best conversation on the Hiawatha line. She told me this bit of dialogue between two young men a while back, but it’s still stuck in […]

Freezie debate

As many of you may know, it’s against the rules to bring food on the bus. I usually don’t enforce this, unless someone tries to bring something extremely messy on. I pulled up to a stop in Richfield, and a kid, probably in highschool, was waiting with an already-opened freezie

Here to straighten you out

Back in the days of Snelling Garage, I was in the drivers’ room when two of Metro Transit’s police came in and started using the phone. I listened for a bit and got curious enough to ask questions when they were done. It seems two youths of about fourteen years of age were riding the […]

Large Coke and Fries!

I was on a seemingly endless Greyhound ride from Missoula MT to Toledo OH many years ago. Somewhere during the night out in the middle of nowhere we stopped for a break at some lowly fast food joint. It was probably 3 or 4 in the morning and oddly enough, I was the only passenger […]