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Punk In A Vest

We are in the throes of summer. The weather has been all over the place… inconsistent in its emotions, much like me. Humid and unbearable one week… Warm breezes, beautiful and tolerable the next… spliced with intermittent rain showers. Needless to say, I’ve been trying to make the most out of it.

Eric Skripka Donations

As many bus riders have likely read, a good Samaritan who was attempting to stop a thug from beating on his girlfriend got a whole heap of hurt for his efforts:

Epic Beard Man

It’s with some hesitation that I post this video, but this is obviously one of the realities of public transit. So with that, and with the disclaimer that BusTales in no way endorses violence, here is a video of the “Epic Beard Man.” Also, please be warned that there is obscene language.

Just a little guy

I’m on the 4 by the Walker. This guy got on back in downtown and I smelled him immediately. Everyone starts yelling in the back of the bus and I’m 6’4” 250 lbs. so I have a responsibility here. Turns out the drunk is trying to bat up some foreign tourist who speaks some Eastern […]


So I’m coming back from the downtown YWCA and this drunk stinker was sitting up at the front of the bus making a gun with his fingers and pointing it at people’s heads going “PKEW”!

Adam’s Apples & RuPaul-esque Voices

June 13, 2007…after I left the YWCA, I got on a 17 bus to head to my next destination. A few blocks outside of downtown, two rather tall african american women in extremely short skirts boarded the bus and did not pay their fare. From the adam’s apples and RuPaul-esque voices, I determined that they […]

I told you that you’d get caught!

I got on the 6 one afternoon and since I didn’t know where I was going I sat near the driver, “Bob”. He was a pretty talkative guy and started telling me of a guy who gets on his bus each mornings.

Here to straighten you out

Back in the days of Snelling Garage, I was in the drivers’ room when two of Metro Transit’s police came in and started using the phone. I listened for a bit and got curious enough to ask questions when they were done. It seems two youths of about fourteen years of age were riding the […]

Hunting for it’s next victim

I was hardly awake as I stepped onto the 94 as I always had to make my way into downtown Minneapolis. The driver was running late. The bus only had room for me to stand – banishing me from my morning routine of zoning out to passing urban scenery.

I will body slam you!

This happened a couple of years ago: this guy got on the 21 and paid for his fare entirely in pennies and nickels. It came up to 97 cents, still shy of the $1.25 that the fare was at the time. The bus driver said, “It’s fine, go sit down,” but somehow the passenger thought […]