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Sunday Bus Ride in Duluth

Sunday Morning. August 19, 2012. West Superior Street in downtown Duluth is full of street junkies and amateur drunks today; paired up with a couple of bag ladies, end-of-the-line hookers and a panhandler (with a working cell phone!). Yay! They’re all getting onto the first eastbound Duluth Transit bus leaving downtown Duluth.

Stumble and Bob

This happened to a friend of mine about 10 years ago or so, but it’s worth posting. He was on a bus in South Minneapolis on his way to a job interview when a stumbling drunk of a man pulls himself onto the bus, swings around on the pole and sits down w/o paying. The […]

Steel Reserve – H20 edition

I was on the 50 this morning going to St. Paul. It’s a quiet bus and our driver is pretty awesome. 2 women and 3 kids get on–2 kids looked about 13, one about 5 or 6. They all had suitcases & had the look you get when you’ve just gotten back from vacation–‘get me […]

I Had too pee too!

Sometimes, when you have to go….you have to go. And sometimes, it matters little where you are and whom you are around. Such was the case late Tuesday night between the City College and 47th Avenue Stations.

Four Calls

I thought I would spare my friend the hassle of coming all the way to pick me up in Minneapolis, so I just bussed over to St. Paul with the help of the 21. This was my first experience taking this route, and boy, was it a good one.

Santa can’t use the reindeer

The 17 is one of those curious bus lines that come out of downtown, mixing the suits, bums, students, uptowners, retail workers, and the unusually usual cast of the urban theater. On one particular afternoon I was heading back from the U and the 17 Southbound had just crossed the I-94 canyon. The riders were […]

Harry the lady lover

I was riding my bus last week when a particularly chatty and loud man (let’s call him Harry) got on a few stops after me. Harry was talking to the people sitting around him when a woman got on the bus a few stops later. She had a plaid coat with a fur collar, and […]

Somewhere a ninja smiles

About a year ago, I decided to have a couple of pints at a pub close to my bus. About 5 hours later, 3 drinks too many, and with a phone number from a very manly looking woman, I realized my last bus was about to leave me stranded downtown. I leaped off my barstool, […]

Screechy Cocka-Doodle-Doos

This was a few years back, probably early 2001. I got on the 54 in St. Paul, headed home from high school. After paying my fare I looked for a seat and noticed every person on the bus was sitting in the front half of the bus. Trusting that the community of bus riders knew […]

I know that ain’t my stop

I was riding the 724 to downtown Minneapolis at about 10:30 AM. There was a couple directly behind me having a conversation. I didn’t pay much attention to what they were talking about, but the man was slurring his speech and sounded intoxicated. We got downtown, and we were between the first and second stops […]