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Sunday Bus Ride in Duluth

Sunday Morning. August 19, 2012. West Superior Street in downtown Duluth is full of street junkies and amateur drunks today; paired up with a couple of bag ladies, end-of-the-line hookers and a panhandler (with a working cell phone!). Yay! They’re all getting onto the first eastbound Duluth Transit bus leaving downtown Duluth.

Meeting in the Middle

I was riding the 16 around 10pm, and it was just me and two other guys in the back area. The two guys made eye contact, and start to communicate a drug deal. The bag not looking too great to begin with, was first offered at $40, the customer felt he must barter and suggested […]

Huffin’ Paint

*This is my mom’s bus tale and it’s old but I still love it. On a sparsely populated bus from the first-ring western suburbs, a man gets on the bus on that stretch of Olsen Memorial Hwy immediately west of downtown. After a few minutes he takes out an empty soda can and starts huffing […]

Santa and his Weed

I was taking the 21 and this lady with a stroller is flagging down the bus with her little girl. The bus stops, and waits for her, and she comes on the bus saying she’s too old to have kids. She’s searching all of her pockets and in the stroller for her transfer and she […]

I’m going to talk about money

I missed the express bus and needed to hop on the ‘slow boat’ 4 heading north into downtown. Around 36th street a woman got on – probably in her 50th, looking a little ragged – and sat in the front row next to a professional looking man.

I’m a comedian!

I ride the bus every day to work and I have a lot of stories. I can’t believe what some people say or do when they’re on the bus. One of my favorites is a man who was sitting on the back bench talking very loudly to the people around him. He was going on […]

Drug-trade lingo

Before my present address I lived in a halfway house for recovering addicts. As required, we all attended a minimum of two meeting a week. On the way to one such meeting, some guys offered to sell my friends some Ecstasy (calling them, I believe, “thizzles” or something). After responding to the offer in the […]

Foundation stains

Was riding the 11 when this crazy obviously drugged up woman was woken up by her boyfriend before their stop. She proceeded to attempt to groom herself and put on about 2 pounds of makeup (it wasn’t even close to being enough to cover all the sores on her face) and make a few swipes […]

Some white rhino

i was on my way home from summer school in the summer of ’07. i took the 64 as i usually did. while on payne ave. i noticed, while listening to my music, that three black men were talking to this white man. the white guy handed one of the black men a prescription drug […]

Permission to sniff

The best story I have about riding on the bus happened about 25 years ago. During rush hour, the bus is packed and I’m stting in the back on the seats that face each other and two well-dressed business women are sitting on the opposite bench. This being Minnesota, there is a space in between […]