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Colon Cleanser

There are some strange bus riders and drivers. What do you think of the black lady driver that wears a different colored flower on the side of her head every day. I remember a black driver that did this 15 or 20 years ago. is this the same lady driver?

Ahhhh, Shakespeare’s birthday!

I was waiting in mildenhall for the 727 to norwich to arrive to take me back to thetford. It was set to arrive for 11:50, but instead the 696 to london arrived before, as it was also a national express i got confused, so decided to approach the bus driver.

Like Christmas day

My wife and I moved back to Minneapolis in Spring of 2006 after a 5-year hiatus from the Twin Cities to sample the East Coast and then Anchorage, Alaska.  If anyone has moved to, or from, Alaska, you will doubtlessly know that it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to get your household […]

Making up time

I work for HOURCAR which means that I spend quite a bit of time biking and riding the bus around the cities to move our fleet of shared cars around and keep them in tip-top shape. Once last summer I biked over to a car at a shop on Lake Street and drove it back […]

People on the bus

I was on the 54 heading to Downtown St. Paul when we made a stop at W. 7th Street & Grand Avenue. A guy is standing outside the bus asking the bus driver questions. The guy says “Do you go near the Xcel Energy Center”? The driver replies by saying yes. Then the guy asks […]

If you’re that unwell

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know how in the last few weeks you start to move slower and slower and slower. The six blocks between my house and the University and Snelling bus stop increase from a five minute walk to a 15 minute walk in the weeks before my son was born.

Words of wisdom

This morning I got on the 6 going downtown. The bus was slightly more crowded than usual, and I was standing for a little while. When we hit Loring Park, the bus was (obviously) more full, with more glum-looking commuters in the aisle.

Other people’s crazy

I was on the 74 the other day, on my way to downtown STP. A woman got on the bus at W 7th and sat in the first seat, opposite the driver. She began to loudly yell at the bus driver to stop jerking the bus around.

Can’t tune out the horn

Since the 35w collapse, riding any bus that goes over the Hennepin ave bridge before or after work you may have noticed a longer ride than normal. I feel for any bus driver that has to sit in all that traffic.

His “Earth Angel”

I’d started working at the university and decided to take the bus to ease my commute stress, and be nice to my pocketbook and the earth at the same time. A few of the people on the 760 knew each other and chatted a lot, but everyone got big grins and sincere “good morning!”s from […]