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Epic Beard Man

It’s with some hesitation that I post this video, but this is obviously one of the realities of public transit. So with that, and with the disclaimer that BusTales in no way endorses violence, here is a video of the “Epic Beard Man.” Also, please be warned that there is obscene language.

Being Invisible

Several times i have noticed a person on the 133 bus route who is entirely covered from head to toe. He wears a long green wool trench coat, a full-face balaclava and gloves. This is finished off with a pair of ski goggles (mirrored goggles, no less). Not even a nose pokes out, and I […]

Colon Cleanser

There are some strange bus riders and drivers. What do you think of the black lady driver that wears a different colored flower on the side of her head every day. I remember a black driver that did this 15 or 20 years ago. is this the same lady driver?

Keep Austin Weird

Hi Minnesotans. I’m a former Twin Cities resident now living in Austin, TX. While riding the Capital Metro 17 through downtown Austin an “interesting” character boarded with a guitar and sat in the back row. That part of the bus is elevated, creating sort of a stage. He proceeded to serenade us with an improv/ad […]

“I just like to have FUN” guy

So the other day I was riding the 11. It was rush hour, probably around 5 p.m., so as you can imagine, the bus was fairly full. We were nearing the MIA when a man got on the bus. At first I thought he was vision impaired because he had on sunglasses and I could […]

Bad-back woman

I’ll just paste the entire email I sent to customer service @ SW Transit this morning as my bus tale. Maybe I’m the one out of line, you decide.

The public rapper

Once a week I take my ~2 year old daughter on the 50, to visit her grandparents for the day. This week we were sitting in the front seat playing counting games on our hands and watching the urban charm of University avenue roll by.

Not a hat at all

The greatest thing that has ever happened to me on the bus happened last winter. This guy sat down in front of me, and I thought to myself, “my, what an interesting stocking cap he’s wearing!”. The cap in question was navy blue, and flipped very casually to one side of the back of the […]

Grandma in a candy store

My grandma, who is from a small town in Iowa, was coming back from a trip out East to visit her daughter. She had left her car at my place while she was gone. I was supposed to pick her up at the airport, so I thought – why not leave the car at home […]

Smelly Red Jacket Guy

I ride the 11C from downtown every weekday. If I ride the 5:04 bus, 9 times out of 10, a 50’s-ish gentleman (stretch of the term, really) inevitably sits with me, should I have happened to find an open seat. This wouldn’t bother me normally, but this particular guy in a red jacket, is a […]