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Stumble and Bob

This happened to a friend of mine about 10 years ago or so, but it’s worth posting. He was on a bus in South Minneapolis on his way to a job interview when a stumbling drunk of a man pulls himself onto the bus, swings around on the pole and sits down w/o paying. The […]

Walk on, Walk Off

I was on a 17, dt and 9th a young 20 something girl gets on and walks past the fare and asks if anyone has $.50 and one of the other passengers digs in his pocket grabs couple quarters and by this time the bus was headed to the next stop the girl gets the […]

Busing Among the Palms

We were planning to move from Los Angeles to Miami, where I had inherited a better car. So we sold the one we had, only to have our plans delayed by a year. The City of the Angels features 24-hour service on certain routes, with parallel such routes often miles apart. Still, you can get […]

Increased fares and frowns on the faces

Bus fares went up today, putting frowns on the faces of the ridership. There is something that might save money for some and I don’t think its widely known. It is possible to buy an Event Pass for $3.50, which is good for six hours and can be used on express buses without incurring the […]

Lost in translation

I was describing this site to another driver, Leo, and he came up with a couple of good stories. Back when the fare was $1.50 he picked up five passengers at a stop, only one of whom spoke even a smattering of English. He believes they were German.

The round red imprint

Today (4/20) on the bus, a guy got on and refused to pay the fare. He must be a local bum/derelict/loafer/drunk known for doing this repeatedly, because the bus driver recognized him right away and said, “You don’t pay — you don’t get on. If you’re not paying, you cannot ride.” The bum/loafer/etc completely ignored […]

Take this, it’s free

I, as a driver found a “stored value” card with $8 bucks left on it after checking the bus after an a.m. express run. Because I usually have the same bus every day, I keep L & F items on board for a week or so, then if not claimed, it gets turned in. No […]

Oversized Mobility Scooter

I wait for my bus line 2 while I am sitting in my power wheelchair (normal size) at 22nd/Franklin Ave, rolled into secured area. While riding my bus to the Lyndale/Franklin Ave, I saw a oversized mobility scooter at Bloomington/Franklin Ave, the elderly woman’s scooter face forward onto the lift, the driver told elderly “Turn […]

Half a transfer

I drive for Metro Transit and end up hearing a lot of stories from drivers back at the garage. One story in particular was funny-almost “creative” way of expressing a common frustration of many drivers. One evening on the 5 line a driver had a passenger get on and only put in half the fare-a […]

I ain’t payin today

The day after St. Patrick’s day 2006, a friend and I decided to venture over to the United Center to see the Bulls play the Miami Heat. We were about .75 miles from the United Center when the bus pulled over at a stop where a woman and a man with a personal grocery cart […]