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Wonderful, white, straight teeth

Riding the bus into work at 7 am from the Eastern suburbs, I sat down in a seat and the man sitting next to me says “good morning!” I respond back, little did I know, that was opening the doors to a half an hour bus ride of awkward conversation. The man, who is about […]

Plenty of open seats

I was riding the 7 bus from downtown Minneapolis to the Seward neighborhood at about 4pm. The bus was only half full, so there were plenty of open rows of seats. I decided to take a seat in the front of the bus where there was plenty of room and hopefully no one to sit […]

Proofread my love letter

Bakersfield, California. 105 degrees, and I am waiting for the 2 to show. At the bus stop is a guy who, for whatever reason, is wearing a heavy flannel shirt. Out of nowhere, he asks, “Can I ask you what your opinion of this is?” I didn’t really say yes or no, and had no […]

Stern and motherly

Many years ago I was on a crowded bus and this kid sat down by me. He was wearing really baggy pants and stunk like only a teenaged boy can stink…sweat and filth and gym socks and stuff. After awhile I felt him sort of jiggling and I looked over to glare at him and […]

Breaking up is hard to do

This story goes back a couple of years, to the early 2000’s, and I remembered it while reading some of these fabulous stories on bustales.