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Tip-toeing to the bathroom

One morning while on the bus we were stopped at a very busy intersection where two city streets meet. I looked up to see that the light was green for us, and cars were passing us in the left lane. I wondered why we weren’t moving, and I looked out the window to see our bus driver rapidly tip-toeing to the gas station right next to us. Poor guy looked like he needed to use the can pretty badly, even had his hand on his tush to try to keep it from coming out. Unfortunately for him it was a station that had outdoor bathrooms in which you had to go inside to get a key from the cashier. So he tried opening both doors to no avail before figuring out he needed the key. All this in plain sight of the right side of the bus.

When he finally got done relieving himself about 3 minutes later, he trotted back to the bus, everyone on the bus watching the entire time, and he proceeded to the next stop like nothing happened. I still laugh about this every time I go by that intersection.

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