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Inner Peace

Once i got onto the bus, i pulled out my book on spiritual awakening and inner peace, having a read, writing down some quotes and thinking about the meaning. Jotting down ideas and thoughts about life, although, i dropped my pen at one point and it flew across the bus, nice one.  An oldish man got on, (by oldish i mean late 50’s) anyway, he had his music player in and his tired legs and beer belly were no match for the bus which drove off before he could get his seat, i just kept thinking, please don’t sit near me. Which, by chance, he did anyway. One seat behind.

He screamed, ‘DAMN SYCOPATHIC BUS DRIVERS” over and over until the driver heard. I could feel him breathing down my neck and watching my every move. He shouted across the bus about how much he hated norwich and how he was beaten up, stabbed and mugged all in one night. How the police never came for about 2 hours and that they get paid too much so they but drugs, (errr, ok) I didn’t like him, one bit. But i carried on reading my book. On the way back, i happily sat on my own reading, whilst over hearing conversations from other people.

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