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First day of college

My first day of college at the U of M will be a day that will live on in my mind as of the worst days of my life. I was very nervous about taking the bus as I had only taken the bus to the Mall of America two or three times and those time were the only times that I had taken public transportation. My sister is two years older than me and a U of M student agreed to go on the bus with me the first day to show me the ropes.

I live in the Highland Park neighborhood in St. Paul and had to get to the East Bank of the U. We started out waiting for the 84H bus on the wrong side of the street on Fairview Ave. and went the wrong way for a few blocks. We got off and booked it back to the right corner. We then realized that I would miss the 144 bus to downtown if we waited for the next bus to come. We ran about 1 mile to the bus stop for another bus – possibly the 87. It only took us to Huron and 94. We waited 15 minutes for another bus to come and pick us up to take it to Coffman Union. I ended up missing the majority of my first ever college class.

On the way home, all I had to do was ride the 16 to Snelling and then transfer to the 84. After I transferred, I realized that I had lost my $65 U Pass and did not have any cash to get on the bus. I had to plead with the bus driver to let me ride for free – I even offered to run back to my house after I got off if he wanted the money badly enough.

This was one of the worst days of my life. Thank God I found out that the 144 goes right down the block I live near and I only have to take one bus to get to school everyday.

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