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Drivers think you’re a jerk

This happened at Snelling Garage about fifteen years ago. Each garage has several dispatchers who assign the buses to the drivers and make sure that the work gets covered when a driver gets sick, oversleeps or doesn’t make it to work for whatever reason. The dispatchers report to the garage managers and there is frequently friction. Of course when dispatchers are dealing with managers who are idiots, they can’t just come out and call them idiots. Instead, if a dispatcher wants to call a manager a jerk they phrase it as, ‘That’s why the drivers say you’re a jerk.’

This concerns an exchange between:
KM, a dispatcher who was at heart an anarchist, with only a grade school education but more street smarts than anybody around. At the time he was a union steward.

FJ, an assistant garage manager with some years of experience and ambitions to move up in the company.

CH, a newly minted assistant manager who had been a dispatcher, meaning he took his union problems to KM.

At Snelling Garage FJ and CH shared an office. This appealed to CH because FJ had become his hero since he had been promoted to management. On the day in question KM was irritated with FJ, and after stating his complaint added, ‘that’s why the drivers think you’re a jerk.’

FJ replied dismissively, ‘I don’t think the drivers think I’m a jerk.’

Turning to CH, KM asked, ‘how many times when you were a clerk did you call me and tell me what a jerk FJ is.’

CH could only mumble something about he hadn’t called that many times.

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