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Shining Athletic Achievement

It’s a scientific proof that it doesn’t matter what time I leave my house in preparation for my morning commute, I will always just miss the bus. Always. As I approach the bus terminal on this January morning, per the usual, my 94C bus has just pulled away from the platform in the opposite direction of my travel.

When this happens, I always debate chasing after it, but I know the standard bus rules well enough to know they won’t open their doors at an unofficial stop. This leaves me with two options: 1) cry, curse, and wait inside the terminal for another 15 minutes (which feels like 40) or 2) take foot and see if I can catch it. And today, I’d like to tell you about option 2.

I sprint down 2nd avenue, turn left and climb the hill past the Target Center. In my mind, it seemed feasible that I could catch the bus by 6th and Hennepin, but it’s moving more quickly than I anticipated. 4 blocks into this adventure, I’ve worked up a sweat in my wool hat and my light-colored pants are soaked with dirty street slush. But there’s no going back.

My sprint has decelerated to a bouncing jog/walk and I catch a glimpse of my bus midway down 6th street, somewhere near City Hall. I pick up the pace and for a moment consider I might actually make it. A full mile into the adventure, I arrive at the bus door and desperately pound 3-times with my mitten-covered hands and the doors pauses before flying open to receive me. The bus driver smiles (and she never smiles) because she has seen me in her rearview chasing her for the 10 minutes and I’m convinced she was secretly rooting for me.

For once, I thanked the homeless guy who wears a garbage bag and pays for his fare in nickels. It was the only thing that bought me time to catch it.

Next to that 95 World Cup thing, this may be my most shining athletic achievement ever.

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