Suburban bus raid

Police raided my suburbian bus one morning. I used to ride the 766 in from Noble Park and Ride in Brooklyn Park. Everyday I would notice the same upper-middle class bus riders. One morning there was a man in the back corner of the stretch bus that I had never seen before. He looked to be homeless and was giving off a bad odor. Most people didn’t want to sit close to him. I thought I would be open-minded and fearlessly sat about 3 seats away, along with 5 or 6 other noble souls who didn’t want the man to feel like an outcast. I have to say I was feeling pretty good.

Until I noticed one of the usual bus riders run to the front of the bus to tell the bus driver something as we were driving down 252. The reason why it worried me: he was sitting right next to the shady character in the back. My mind quickly started flashing to thoughts of guns, drugs, etc. But nothing happened. We continued on our trek downtown.

Just as we were pulling onto Fourth Street I noticed the bus driver pull over and stop. I thought “this is odd” as we never stopped before First Avenue. Just as I began pondering what was happening, two police squad cars came speeding up the sidewalk. A handful of officers approached the back door (which I was sitting directly in front of) and began pounding on the door. I didn’t know whether to try and let them in or pee my pants.

The bus driver ran back and opened the door to let the police in. He quickly pointed to the homeless looking man in the backseat and said “it’s him!” The police officers slowly walked the aisle, eyeing us all up and down and approached the man.

“Sir, did you pay your fare? Sir? Sir?”
I quickly began looking for my bus pass. I didn’t want to get arrested either.
“No sirs I just needed to get downtown,” he replied.
“Come with us,” the officers said as they pulled the man off the bus.

Best part: no one said a word. It was one of those quiet buses that no one ever spoke on, but they all looked around as loudly as they could, wide eyes and obvious concern.

They began frisking the man on the sidewalk as the doors closed and we continued on our normal route. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends at work about my adventure. This may be normal for other routes, but not for that good old 766. Quietest, most suburban bus in town.

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