Ahhhh, Shakespeare’s birthday!

I was waiting in mildenhall for the 727 to norwich to arrive to take me back to thetford. It was set to arrive for 11:50, but instead the 696 to london arrived before, as it was also a national express i got confused, so decided to approach the bus driver.

“Hi, are you going to thetford? or is the 727 just running late?”

“Yes, long stratton, ill check the prices”

“oh, no no no, THETford, im going to thetford”

“yes, stratford, thats £15.40”

i started to get a bit frustrated as he was not hearing me at all, as he started listing off every other ‘ford’ but thetford!

“no your not understanding me, thetford…look ill just wait for the 727”

Just as i thought he couldn’t get any stranger he started muttering to himself and came out with this quote

“ahhhh, shakespeares birthday! YOU DONT KNOW WHERE YOU ARE DO YOU!”

i decided 727 or no 727…..i was not willing to put my life in the hands of schizophrenic 696!

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