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Thunderous belch

It was raining this morning so instead of biking I decided to hop on the 6 to get downtown. It wasn’t too packed and I was able to snag a two-seater all to myself. About 5 minutes went by before I heard what sounded like someone ripped the vinyl seat cushion in half. Maybe that mixed with thunder. The dude behind me had just belched for probably 5 seconds straight.

In my mind I picturing either a grody old man drinking a Schlitz Bull Ice 40 or a grody old man drinking a Mickey’s 40. I normally avoid looking at anyone on the bus, but I needed to see if my assumptions were correct.

Often times when I want to stare at someone I’ll pretend I’m looking past them at something else. In this case there was no subtle way about it since the belcher was sitting in the back of the bus. So I said what the hell and just turned around to blatantly stare.

I was shocked to see that it was not a grody dude at all, but a woman, in her mid 40’s probably. She was dressed in a business suit. I was unable to contain myself and made a noise that is best described as a mixture between ‘huh?’ and a short laugh. She looked a bit embarrassed but didn’t say anything. I turned back around and decided that next time I will just stick with the picture in my head.

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