Russian book

I was riding the #6 back from a movie at the U during the summer of 2007, and to pass the time, I was reading a mystery, “The White Bulldog” by Boris Akunin, a Russian author. (I was reading it in English translation.)

Suddenly, I noticed that two young women were pointing at me and whispering, so I smiled at them. One of them said in heavily accented English, “You are reading Russian book.”

I nodded.

“He is my favorite author,” said the other.

They turned out to be young Russians who were attending a summer ESL course at the U. They were fascinated by the idea of a popular Russian author being available in English translation and they wanted to know where I had gotten it. They told me that they would take a copy home to show their friends back in Russia.

These are the kinds of chance encounters that make riding the bus more fun than driving.

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