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Rude Seat Hoggers

It never ceases to amaze me how rude some people can be when it comes to sharing their seat on the bus. These are the people who sit on the outer half of an empty double seat, blocking what should be another available seat. Now, it might be acceptable to do this if the bus happened to be mostly empty. However, I have witnessed this inconsiderate act on rides that range from full to packed.

Just this morning, there were two offenders within arms reach of me. Both individuals were taking up an entire double seat as the bus continued to fill to capacity. I was seated in the back on one of the side benches. A man boarded close to downtown and because of the rude seat hoggers, he had only one seat option, which happened to be next to me on the side seats. Frequent bus riders probably know how snug these side benches can be, especially if you are wedged in right between the poles. Not so lovely. So while this man and I snuggled up, both of us clutching our bags in our laps so as to take up as little room possible, the seat two seat hoggers happily stretched out in their personal row.

I have seen this injustice occur on many occasions, even at times when the bus is so packed that even standing room is scarce. One person sits comfortably, taking up two seats while everyone else is packed in like sardines.

I admit, I do nothing to protest (unless quietly fuming and shooting dirty looks at the offending party counts). Like me, most people are too polite to question it and I’m not sure it would really be worth it to speak up and make a scene. I’m curious if others have see this occur. Are these people oblivious or just inconsiderate? Or could there actually be a legitimate reason for seat hogging?

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