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Colored Suit Man

This isn’t a story about one event in particular, but rather a fond narrative of my favorite character who rides the bus. There are many people who play bit parts in my life – the excessively friendly guy who helps me at Caribou every morning; the guy who flirts with me when I buy groceries at the Uptown Lund’s; the woman who gulps down coffee during aerobics at the Y. These are the people you see all the time and feel like you know intimately, but in reality they’re complete strangers.

Well one of these bit players in the lengthy production entitled “Julie’s Life” is a guy called Colored Suit Man (or rather, a guy called that by my sister and I without his knowledge or consent). If you ride the 6, you’ve probably seen him. Everyday he wears a different, brightly colored suit. He’s got one in red, green, pink, white, yellow, burgundy – all full suits, all with matching ties, all freaking fantastic. I know he’s seen me a million times, and I conjecture with confidence that he has no idea who I am. But every once in a while, on a particularly gloomy Minnesota day, this dude will make it just a little bit brighter – literally. Thanks, Colored Suit Man.

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