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Big Mac Attack

So I got picked up on 34th street and there werent that many people on the bus and everything is going as it normally would. Then all of the sudden the bus driver pulls over the bus over right on hennepin in between lake and lagoon (which is odd because the bus never stops there because the Uptown transit station is just a block away).

He puts his hazards on and gets out and runs into mcdonalds (We could see him ordering through the window). So this guy sitting behind me gets up and says “F this” and goes to the drivers seat and drives the bus another 1-2 blocks to the uptown transit station… he then opens up the door and gets out and runs away. A couple of minutes go by and while I am deciding whether or not to get off the bus, the bus driver comes running down the street and gets back on the bus (with his bag of mcdonalds), completely out of breath and the look on his face was absolutely priceless….

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