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Screechy Cocka-Doodle-Doos

This was a few years back, probably early 2001. I got on the 54 in St. Paul, headed home from high school. After paying my fare I looked for a seat and noticed every person on the bus was sitting in the front half of the bus. Trusting that the community of bus riders knew something I didn’t, I sat in the second row.

About ten minutes into the ride an old man in the back pipes up with the best imitation of a rooster I have ever heard. After a few rounds of screechy cocka-doodle-doos, he started in singing a bawdy song about a lady and what she did when you paid her. Then he went back to rooster imitations for a while, and finally fell silent. He got off at St. Clair and headed straight for the West Seventh Liqueur Barrel.

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