Bus Buddies

I’ve been riding the express from East Lake Street to downtown St Paul for a few years now. Now it is the 53B, prior to that was a 90 something. I’ve met such nice people on the bus, we have a group that we named “Bus Buddies” we do things together, get together to celebrate birthdays and go out for dinner. We met a nice man, Daryl, who has worked at 3M for 30 years. I asked him where he would like to go to celebrate and he said, the White Castle on 36th and E. Lk St. He invited his 90-year-old mom to join us. I cannot believe Dorothy is that old, she looks and acts like a “sping chicken”.

We also discovered Trivia night at Lk St Garage, but that is no longer going on. So watch for the announcement when “Merwin’s Rest” – the old Popeye’s Bar on 36th & Lake will open. This is a fun get together too.

I am so happy w/the 53 line!!!!

Oh, one of our bus buddies met a man on the bus, they are now engaged! So it can happen!!

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