Someone let the ninja out

There was a clear black, it was a clear white moon… no this is not Warren G’s song…its was just another day of my work. And of cource I was at my bus stop, waiting for my lift off. And there it came, bus number 50, crowdy and filthy as always. It pick me up and there I was watching through window as always, thinking this is just one more day passed …when it happened!

An owfull, anoying and never the less poisoness supstance went in the air inside the bus. Its was instantly obvious that someone let the ninja* out.

*Ninja – sillent, inpredictable and very deadly fart. There are 3 types of farts: Ninja, Samurai and Sumo. Samurai is continuos fart reflected as set of short sized fart in same frequency. Sumo is one defined as one strong and loud fart, often non-smelling.

The look in the people’s eyes was clearly saying that everybody knew what just happened. But in the same time, a side effect of ninja sindrome occured, no one wanted to be suspected, even do it has nothing to do with releasing the ninja.

The poisoness gas was already burning our eyes and everybody was acting like nothing is happening. Its strange how human mind wants to deny something so obvious in tight, unpleseant social atmosfere, if it has a quick way out. And yes, the way out is on the next bus stop.

The bus stopped, and in less in a minute was almost empty. How can that happen in the bus that is always crowded?? People just went out and waited for the next bus. Nothing happened. The power of denial won again.

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