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Flying nuns don’t pay

January, 2003 I was riding the 4E (now the 4K) to work at about 7:00AM. I sat down in the frontmost frontward facing seat. A guy was sitting in the side facing seat directly in front of me, declaring to the world that the media makes people less creative, and he looked to me for comment, so I told him that I write, and I don’t watch television (I still don’t actually). He told me, “you must save a lot of electricity!” then went to read his paper.

A few minutes later, he started making declarations again, which ended up with “Im so high up there, that I give speeding tickets to the flying nuns, thats high, thats past the stratosphere, thats way up there!”

I asked him, “Do they pay the tickets?”

He paused and said “what?”

I repeated, “You said you were giving speeding tickets to flying nuns, do they pay the tickets?”

He thought about it, “No, I have to take them to jail in heaven.” (He paused) “Nobody’s ever asked me that before…”

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