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Can’t tune out the horn

Since the 35w collapse, riding any bus that goes over the Hennepin ave bridge before or after work you may have noticed a longer ride than normal. I feel for any bus driver that has to sit in all that traffic.

That said- the other day we were almost to University Ave when a taxi apparently just stopped in the lane directly in front of our bus. I couldn’t see, but the taxi was either dropping off or picking someone up. Our bus driver was NOT happy. He decided to LAY on the horn of our bus and didn’t stop. And by didn’t stop I mean he held down the horn and didn’t let up.

The taxi didn’t seem to mind, but all the rest of us did. I saw people come to the windows of businesses to see what the hell was going on. No exaggeration: that horn rang out for a good 4 minutes straight.

I feel for the driver – but that was not helping. I generally read a book and tune everything else out on the bus- but it was impossible to do so that day.

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