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Stick to the Route

My least favorite driver on my return trip home (see The Tour Guide) loves to try to take “shortcuts” to get around unfavorable stop lights. Another time he even made the most pointless deviation from the route I could possibly imagine.

The first time I noticed the driver deviating from the route was the second or third time I rode on Route 270 in the afternoon. To skip a stoplight a few blocks ahead and a subsequent left turn, our driver took an early right (announcing that “we’re going to take a shortcut here folks!”) thinking he could make a quick left through a light that was green. What happened? Of course the light turned red leaving us with a red left turn (which he was trying to avoid in the first place). After making it through that intersection (and being told, “whoop sorry that didn’t quite work out!”) we, of course, caught another red light at the original intersection he was trying to avoid. Net gain? -3 minutes.

Another time our driver decided he didn’t want to move all the way to the left lane on a one way to get into the required turn lane on the last side street before getting on 35W North. Instead the driver drove a block past the turn (where there was a red left), turned left, caught another red left, and then drove back a block to the onramp. By now, the traffice he refused to merge with was getting on the ramp forcing us to yield. Another “shortcut”, another unncessary delay.

On the same trip, said driver decided for no apparent reason to exit off 35W at the Johnson/New Brighton Blvd exit (we were headed to Maplewood), slowing down as if we were going to exit, and then taking the dedicated bus onramp just a few hundred yards up the road having to resume freeway speeds (but only after getting up the ramp and back on the freeway). Best part of this unncessary diversion? THERE WASN’T ANY TRAFFIC SLOWING US DOWN! Completely pointless.

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