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20 cigarettes before the bus

With ipod in tow, I sat next to the window, shut my eyes and put trust in the driver to get me to work. A little Tripping Billies from DMB Crash album got me to humming a bit. While I did not realize I was a humming, a sharp bump from the bus, opened my eyes to find the two in front of me and the woman next to me staring at me.

I pulled one ear bud to have the lady next to me, with a snarly, freshly scarred whiskey voice – extol – “Could you please not do that!?” To which I responded “What?” – She said “Humming.” So I responded in similar fashion “Would you please not smoke 20 cigarettes before you get on the bus?”

The two riders in front, still staring, blushed and turned around, my co passenger huffed and – somewhat puffed her way to another seat.

So what is the smoking ettiquette for the bus anyway?

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