Wait Your Turn

There’s an UNSPOKEN rule that when the bus arrives up north at the 95th Ave. Park and Ride, riders unload from the front of the bus to the back. Riders in the back usually wait their turn patiently, but one day a young man sauntered up front, waltzing past all the other Minnesota Nice folks. A few people rolled their eyes and muttered “Newbie” under their breaths, but nobody said anything to him right away.

Then a man near the front told him “You should wait your turn like everybody else.” The kid, who had his iPod earbuds firmly planted in his ears, nods to the man and replies “Yeah (pause) Huh?” This short conversation is repeated back and forth twice, until the man explained “All those people behind you are waiting to get off this bus, too. You should wait your turn”.

Now the kid seems to understand. I bet he never jumped the line again. Hey, we all were first-time riders once, right?

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