What were you drinking?

On the 21 the other day, an old Native American man without any teeth stumbles on the bus, falling over and tripping over every one.

10 minutes later…

“HOW YOU DOIN!!?” yells the old Native American man without teeth.

“How am I doing?? 10 minutes later you ask me how am I doing?!” calls the bus driver.

“YEAH!!! HOW YOU DOIN!?” yells the old man.

“Haha… doing well, young man. What have you been doing all morning?” says the bus driver.

“I SLEPT UNDER A BRIDGE!!!” yells the old man.

“Slept under a bridge!? Ain’t there any shelters or churches??” says the bus driver.

“I GOT KICKED OUT!!!” says the old man.

“Kicked out!?! For what!?” replies the bus driver.

“THEY SMELLED MY BREATH!” yells the old man.

“Smelled your breath?! Were you drinking!?” asks the bus driver.

“POT!!” yells the old man.

“Haha I can’t help you out with that one. ” Says the bus driver.

“WELL CAN YOU ROLL ME A CIG!!!!?” yells the old man.

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