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Too old for me

So I’m on the loooong bus ride from my job in downtown St. Paul to meet some friends at a bar in Uptown. I’m in the very back row. We’ve just crossed the river when a pretty good-looking man gets on and sits down on those sideways-facing seats in the back. I’ll admit, I’m enjoying looking at him, but he looks like he’s a good 10 or 15 years older than me (I’m 23) so I’m not really interested.

As we pass the light rail station he starts talking to me, regular bus small talk stuff. And I guess he’s picked up on the fact that I think he’s cute, because after a couple minutes of conversation he asks if he could take me out sometime. I tell him sorry, but no, he seems like a nice guy but he’s probably too old for me. At which point he says, loudly, to the back of the bus in general, “Oh NO! Did you hear what she just said? I’m too old for her? Nobody’s ever said that to me before! Did you all hear that?”

I apologize again; I didn’t mean to embarrass him or lead him on or anything, but he keeps saying, so everyone in the back of the bus can hear, “Oh wow….I can’t believe she just said that.” Then I ask him how old he is, he says 41. I reassure him that I would have guessed 35 at the most and that he’s got to admit, 41 is pretty old to be dating a 23-year-old. “But nobody’s ever said that to me before!” he says again, and people around us are looking over, kind of amused. I actually feel kind of bad about it, even though it’s a perfectly legit reason not to accept a date!

Anyway, I like to think that we parted on good terms when he got off around Portland, and I hope that he thinks it’s cool that a woman about half his age was admiring him in the first place…

…and at least he wasn’t anything like the last guy who asked me out on the 21, who was wearing massive hunting boots, drinking from a gallon jug of pink grapefruit juice, and said he was going to Uptown to “solicitate sex……so, you wanna?”

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