So I’m coming back from the downtown YWCA and this drunk stinker was sitting up at the front of the bus making a gun with his fingers and pointing it at people’s heads going “PKEW”!

The Bus driver sees this and says, “Get off or at the next stop the police will take you off. No response. So the driver starts calling the transit cops and the drunk grabs the bus driver trying to take the phone. I’m 6’4” 250 lbs. so I have a responsibility here!

I go up to the guy and say, “Hey, you don’t need to be grabbing the bus driver.” He just stands there and calls me honky and other such epithets. I put both my hands on either side of the rails just waiting for him to make a move. He tries throwing a punch, but it was pretty bad. I just push him back a little.

The transit cops show up and haul the guy off to detox.

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