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Adam’s Apples & RuPaul-esque Voices

June 13, 2007…after I left the YWCA, I got on a 17 bus to head to my next destination. A few blocks outside of downtown, two rather tall african american women in extremely short skirts boarded the bus and did not pay their fare. From the adam’s apples and RuPaul-esque voices, I determined that they were cross dressers (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

What was wrong was that they stormed to the back of the bus and started picking a fight with a couple women who were sitting in the back of the bus. After a few insults were shouted, one of the (wo)men either threw a punch or pushed one of the women. The driver continued driving, but locked the back door so that nobody could get off. The (wo)men stomped to the front of the bus and said they’d wait right there to be let off as the driver called the Transit Police, then finally had the bright idea to go back to the back exit and break the glass on the emergency exit lever. Jumping off the bus, they ran back towards downtown.

The driver continued picking people up while talking to the police. The driver was by the way not by any stretch of the imagination a native speaker of English, so his attempts to describe the runaway transvestites wound up being “I think they might have been gay!” We all know that there is a difference between “gay” and “cross-dresser” but hey, I think the man did the best he could under very stressful circumstances.

Another man got on the bus and started yelling at the driver for calling the police, thinking he was calling about someone who was currently on the bus. I explained to him what was going on; the man’s opinon was that it should be ‘let go’ because the suspects had fled, and he wanted to get home, which was three blocks away, and he said “I’m lazy, I don’t want to walk.”

The driver finally pulled up at Nicollet and 24th and the Transit Police arrived. At that moment, all the witnesses (except for myself and the women who were targetted) left the bus and made a run for it, probably to avoid making statements. The Transit Policemen interviewed us, then the bus was on it’s way.

And I’ve never witnessed anything like this on the 5 which I ride every day, and that’s supposed to be the dangerous route!

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