You don’t enjoy Christmas?

I was riding the #16 during the Christmas season a few years ago. If anyone knows anything about the 16, they know that there is an extremely diverse grouping of people. I was sitting towards the front of the bus and a Muslim lady was sitting in the seat in front of me. Directly in front of her was a lady, a 65 years old lady was sitting perpendicular towards her. There was obviously something very wrong with the older lady. She began to speak to the Muslim lady about Christmas. However, the Muslim woman could not speak very much English. This is how the conversation went: [warning: bad language]

Older Lady: Are you all ready for Christmas?
Muslim Lady: No response.
Older Lady in a louder voice: I said, Are you all ready for Christmas?
Muslim Lady: Mumbles something very quietly,
Older Lady: What the fuck is wrong with you? You don’t enjoy Christmas?!
Muslim Lady: No response.
Older Lady: What the fuck, you don’t enjoy Christmas? You’re going straight to fucking hell!

The Muslim Lady got off the bus at the next stop. This is one incident that I will never forget. The creepy thing is is that I see the older lady at my job and have realized that she is a schizophrenic. She has snapped on me on more than on occasion, but that is for a different forum. It takes all kinds…

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