Quit crying munchkin!

I saw an event this morning on my way into work that brings to mind the tale somebody else shared about the person who fell in the isle of the bus, and the delay in others picking them up.

A questionable display of parenting:

A young mother and her three kids got onto the 16 and sat in the front row seats. The kids seemed to range from about 1 and a half to 3 and a half. My guess is they were all about 9 months apart. She set all three kids on the left seat and then sat with her stroller on the right.

A few blocks latter the bus came to a somewhat sudden stop and the youngest (the ~18 month old) fell off of the seat and knocked her head against the center pointing seat ahead of her. She lay on the floor and started to scream and cry. The mother’s response? She kept sitting and told her other two kids (something like 2 and 3 years old) to “Pick her up! Pick her up now! And you quit crying!” This went on for a while. When the bus driver kept calling back to see if everyone was alright, the mom just said “Everything is fine”. But the kid kept screaming.

I would have picked the girl up myself, but her stroller was blocking me. Eventually a gentleman in a seat behind got up and picked the child up and gave her to the mom. I did hear a thank you.

When she held the crying baby not a soft word was shared. Just more commands to stop crying.

I know how hard it can be to travel with a munchkin on the bus, having taken my daughter on the 16 and the 50 since she was 3 months old, strapped to chest. Raising kids well is tough – it is not fair to them (or society) to have so many that you can’t properly look after them. This is the main reason the wife and I are stopping at one.

Lets hope this mom stops at three.

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