I didn’t pee my pants

For the last few weeks I’ve been really into a book, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Yesterday, on my ride home I was getting close to the end so I was especially absorbed. The half hour ride from downtown to the Midway was over in a minute and as we were pulling up to my stop I reluctantly grabbed my bookmark and closed the book. I still had a few pages left.

As I opened my shoulder bag (which I had resting on my lap) to put my book away, I noticed that my coffee mug had leaked a little bit. What I didn’t realize was the extent of the leakage.

I carefully lifted the bag up so as to not slosh the small pool of coffee around and that’s when I noticed that I had a huge wet spot on my crotch. The leak had been so slow and I had been so into my book that I had no idea that the coffee had leaked through my bag and onto my pants.

This all happened in about 10 seconds time and right as I was realizing it looked like I peed my pants the bus was at my stop, waiting for me to get off. So I sheepishly walked past the rows of bus riders carrying my bag in front of my crotch.

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